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Securing Financing When Your Credit is Less Than Perfect

So, you’ve decided to purchase a car, spent hours researching vehicles, and possibly found the perfect one or even few. But now you’re worried about your credit score keeping you from driving away in your dream car. This is a common theme, but here at So Cal Motors we will help you drive off the lot with your vehicle even when your credit is less than perfect.

Figure Out Your Credit Score

First thing’s first—you need to know your exact credit score before you get started! It might seem scary, especially if you’ve been rejected for financing in the past, but So Cal Motors is here to help. Whether you have perfect credit, good credit, or bad credit, we can assist you. If you’re extremely worried about your score, a good tip is to get your credit score a few months before buying, and see if you have any risk factors that you can take care of right away. 

Calculate Monthly Payments

The next step is to calculate what you can afford monthly to pay off your loan. Make sure you take into account all of your spending—any car expenses like gas and insurance, and any money you save or keep for emergencies. This will help guide you towards the best plan for how long you need to pay off your auto loan.

Find the Best Program for You

The most important part is working with a financing department you can trust who will help you find the best program to fit your needs. At So Cal Motors, our finance team is ready to work with you to figure out how much of a loan you need, how you should pay it off and for how long, and how to rebuild your credit score at the same time. We are dedicated to getting you off our lot in one of our pre-owned vehicles, and want to make the experience as worry-free as possible.

When you’re ready to get started, apply for financing online or give us a call at 909-625-2800. We look forward to working with you!